Early New Year’s Resolution?

A beautiful weekend stopped by yesterday, bringing a wagon full of gifts and and enjoyments for us: lazy mornings-turned-afternoons, just the right amount of productivity, fruitless but adventurous excursions to ice rinks, date nights served with thai iced tea and silly movies, and warm nights bundled on the sofa.  And of course some pretty awesome food here and there, outside but mostly at home.  G and I are really truly simple folk in this regard — it doesn’t take a lot for us to be happy.  Of course I want to explore, see “the sights” as it were, and really acclimate myself to this foreign land known as the East Coast, but at the same time I cannot deny that my happiest times are spent at home simply relishing in my husband’s company, cooking up something tasty, and enjoying music, playing cards, or the like.

So in came a blissful two days, where we accomplished just enough to say we “did something,” but honestly the “nothingness” was just as fruitful and meaningful.  And during that time, I deliberated over where I wanted to take this blog.  Do I keep it a simple Here’s what I made last night type of deal, or do I want something more?  And can I really expect myself to put the effort into something more?  Well, if I want my goofing off and relaxing time at home and outside with G to be all the more valuable, it would behoove me to really make use of my time, talents, and desires when we aren’t together.

In that end, I am going to try to establish a slightly varied direction for this site, but with all the foodstuffs still at the forefront! So stay tuned for some possibly utterly laughable and ridiculous posts, or if I’m lucky, something truly worthwhile for both you and me.



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