Update: The monumental feast that awaited us this past weekend, that dinner designed to delight all the senses which will revolutionize the very core of this blog and propel it into a new dimension hitherto un-channeled and un-traversed, that brilliant concoction which I waxed and waned poetic over, my intellectually savory idea which would serve as a cornerstone of two of my three great passions: literature and culinary endeavors  (if you cannot guess my greatest passion, I pity you and your untouchable heart), that which I waited all week to create and bring to the table and the internet and my three glorious readers….was put on hold by the wayward antics of G’s stomach this weekend.  Evidently a week spent eating unhealthily in St. Louis has detrimental effects on one’s tummy.

Mission to commence once the rumbling officially concludes.

Stay tuned.


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