a High TECh Sandwich

Sandwiches.  I’m actually rendered speechless by how much I love them.  From super subs, to burgers, to fancy shmancy paninis—whatever your flavor, there is a variety out there for you.  And for the AG household here, one particular sandwich has made its presence an indelible mainstay for many months now.  My brother would appreciate this post (that is, if he read this blog, which I highly doubt) because this evolved from the simple but tasty lunch I would make for him on those days when I wasn’t demanding he get out off the sofa and be self-sufficient rather than rely on my mom or me to feed him.  I fear all my efforts have dissolved into dust now that I’ve moved away; no more voice of reason! No more irritating sister badgering him! It reminds me of how I would hide his video games when he was misbehaving in some manner; that also failed since my mom would always cave and make me return them (what happened to discipline, people?!).  Failed attempts everywhere, like trampled petals blown into the horizon.  I weep in their stead.

Ah but I digress!  Retreat back to the sandwich of the day!  That glorious creation we sometimes enjoy on the weekends or, if I am feeling particularly magnanimous in the mornings (no easy feat), I’ll make for the husband to take to work for lunch. The high TECh sandwich.  High because it leaves you on cloud nine, where your senses float along with the flavors of Turkey, Egg, and Cheese.  On a side note, the name is inspired by a similar sandwich and title my friend concocted in Miami.  I just revamped things a bit.


  • 2 slices of honey wheat bread
  • 1 egg, scrambled
  • Tbsp milk
  • 3-5 small mushrooms (button or crimini), washed and sliced
  • Handful of sliced onions (¼ of a small onion, sliced)
  • 2-3 tsp sliced jalapenos (in a jar)
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Turkey slices (those extra thin deli style turkey slices—Hillshire Farms et al.,—work well because they are so thin, but I would prefer freshly roasted turkey breast if it were sliced very thinly)
  • Slice of cheese of choice (we used American this time)
  • Red pepper hummus
  • Sri Racha sauce
  • salt and pepper, to taste

Firstly, in a small frying pan begin to lightly fry your mushrooms in a few tbsp of oil.  Mushrooms take a little time to lose some of their moisture and shrink down, so even if it seems like a lot, your mushrooms will cook down considerably.  When they have browned up a bit and have started to soften, add your onions, a tiny bit more oil if necessary and keep it at medium heat, tossing occasionally but just letting everything soften up.  Add your jalapenos and a few drops of balsamic vinegar (don’t overdo it!) so that the veggies take on the color and are all scented with that sweet aroma.

Separately, beat the egg and add the little milk to it, this will give it some more substance and a bit of fluffiness (I actually forgot this step in the photo below. You can see the egg is perfectly cooked but just a little flat; the milk changes that).  In a separate frying pan, drizzle a tiny bit of oil, just to barely coat the surface and pour your egg mixture in, circling the pan if needed to make a nice round circle (small frying pans are key for this).  Keep it at medium-low heat and let the egg cook slowly and fluff up, and then with some finesse flip it over and cook the other side. It will be done fairly quickly so keep an eye on it and turn the heat off when done.  Remove from the pan onto a dish so it doesn’t overcook.

Turning back to your veggies, toss in a few slices of turkey breast, so they can caramelize a bit and suck in the flavors, and then pile it all together and lay your cheese on top of it.  Turn the heat off and let it melt naturally.

To prepare your bread, toast it to desired level, and then lightly coat each side with some hummus.  I love the red pepper flavor, and it’s a nice alternative to butter or mayonnaise.  On one side also squeeze some sri racha sauce (or any hot sauce will do I suppose), and then fold your egg in half and lay it atop the sri racha-coated slice.  You may shake a little salt and pepper if you like on the egg at this point.

On the other slice slide your turkey-veg mixture, put it all together and feast!  Or wrap up in foil and feast later in the day!


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