About the Dreamers

Our two storytellers  — the poet and the philosopher — share a collective dream of peace, bliss, and romance in the kitchen, sprinkled with some adventure and a huge splash of fun.  When all the magic began, they lived on opposite coasts, but their spirits and energies are one and the same, and that inevitably drew them together.  Getting married helped that out a bit too.

AlyaVille was located in sunny Southern California, but now she and  GautamCity are situated in lush Maryland for the time being.  They have decided that their mutual love of culinary expression (eclipsed only by another cheesier mutual love) is a dream they both share, and should thusly be shared with the world.  Granted, Alya is sliiiiightly more active in the culinary arena (AKA the kitchen), but Gautam is the spice man, the taste connoisseur. So as a team they fit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Remember, cooking is not just a science.  It isn’t simply a recipe you follow down step by step with blind acquiescence. It is a story in itself.  Sometimes a romance, sometimes a childhood memory, and when mistakes arise it can be a nightmare.  Cooking is artful.  We infuse our emotions into the way we stir a broth, or knead dough, and our smiles and sorrows are as much a seasoning as the cumin and garlic that zest up a dish. 

So expect to be peppered with storytelling, and to get a glimpse into the lives that conjure up the entrees, snacks, and desserts that you find here.

We’d love to hear your comments, either on the posts or just by email!  Hit us up, yo!: alyaandgautam@gmail.com