About the Dreamer(s)

This blog started as a joint avenue of expression for Alya and Gautam during the early days of marriage in lush Maryland. Since then, they migrated to the warmth of Southern California before situating in the Bay Area; during the many changes and upheavals, Alya took over the blog… and let it go… and took it up again…. and let it go… and so on.

And for some reason, Alya now thinks that as a new mom, she’ll be able to take up the spatula again. She is surely a fool.

So this is where we enter the story—Alya and Gautam have a glorious little infant, and no time at all to spare. But in the hope that her son will share a love for the written word, storytelling, and of course food (making and eating it), Alya is trying to fit this blog back into her schedule as a part-time editor, hitherto writer, and forever mom.


We’d love to hear your comments, either on the posts or just by email!  Hit us up, yo!: alyaandgautam@gmail.com