What’s LiterEATure 101

So what’s the deal with these Literature Sessions, Alya?

Oh I’m so glad you asked.  Though please, it’s LiterEATure :).  I shall do my utmost to keep this short and sweet (a difficult task for someone as longwinded as I).  I studied English Literature in college.  Actually I made a huge 180 degree turn from mechanical engineering to English, so that should show how fervent the passion is.  There’s nothing more stimulating to me than evaluating and analyzing society, culture, issues, and life in general through the corridors of a novel.  But now that I’m not currently in an academic environment (the stars have not aligned properly for me to want to and be able to go further in Children’s Literature yet), I have to make my own explorations into literature (being a part of numerous “virtual” book clubs helps too).

On the other hand, one of my other super duper passions is food, obviously.  So what better way to bring the two together than to bring a book to life through food?? I was also somewhat inspired by an “Edible Books” festival I read about, and I just decided to take it one step further.

In case you haven’t read the very first “class,” here’s the intent of these posts:

Here’s the syllabus, folks.  Twice a month (hopefully) we will be summarizing, analyzing, and/or in all general respects, discussing a work of literature.  Our aim is to broaden horizons, enlighten readers and ourselves, and bring out the zest in books and poetry.  Following our concise but rewarding discussion, we’ll then work to create a feast inspired by the work.  This can range from a dessert, an entrée, or even an entire dinner spread.  We might focus upon themes, specific characters, physical recreations of items, or a play/pun upon the title or subject matter.  Creativity is our limit.

The subject matter itself is not set in stone; rather, we will see where the days, weeks, and months take our appetite for reading.  Be it fiction or memoir, fantasy or historical, we will be confined by nothing but what we desire to read and cook and eat.

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