Sesame Sauteed Asparagus

Next up in our quest of the quick and easy, I bring you Sesame Sautéed Asparagus! Things are starting to get wild and crazy ’round these here parts, so I haven’t had the time to write up anything. Expect some (relative) brevity from yours truly until she finds routine again. Once I’ve settled good and proper, I can update you on all the goings-on of our current existence.

Being that I had some asparagus remaining after my foray into the land of the Quiche, I could not let that go to waste, especially that of the fresh organic variety. The taste speaks volumes… nay, Epics! And considering the husband did not run from their sight upon his discovery within aforementioned quiche, I knew I had a winning ingredient. I cannot stress enough how difficult it has been in the past year and a half to solve the riddle evoked from his tongue—mysterious oft-times vegetarian with a penchant for the shrimpies and the roost, prithee tell me for what purpose you run from the green goodies lest they are diced up tiny tiny bit style? I don’t give him enough credit—G does eat a lot of veggies, just in a particular fashion. But I would not be overcome by this obstacle; I would have my asparagus (as I wanted it) and eat it too! And I like mine Long! Stalky! With a fresh crunch! YUM!

I came across a recipe that called for simply frying the asparagus and then adding some final touches, but I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted not only to tame the wild stalker but reinvent it in the husband’s eyes. So I dredged up the Asian flavors and pounded in some spice. This was served with some super duper marvelous accompaniments, and when I have the chance you’ll be soon hearing about those too. For now, green is a go. Continue reading


Fusion Wraps

A few years ago I was a chubby chubster.  That’s what I like to call myself.  And even though I’ve slimmed down since then, I’m still just a chubby kid at heart who loves food, craves for all things sweet and succulent, and just simply adores experiencing through her taste buds.  That said, it’s quite hard to find the balance between enjoying life and enjoying health.  Actually no, that’s a lie—I’ve done quite well in discovering what foods are healthy and delicious to eat, and combining that with proper exercise.  And that’s really the entire formula, plus a major control over my eternal longing for all things bready, but we all have our vices.

And yet, every day I mentally struggle with it all.  Is this the same for other people, or have I just been programmed through my life experiences?  Why do I let these thoughts burrow into my brain with such unrelenting ferocity?  Living in a constant state of worry about gaining even a few pounds now has me on edge more than I’d like to admit, and according to my friends is liable to give me an ulcer one day.  Perhaps not, but still—I’ve been fretting too much lately against my better judgment, and now G has to tell me a thousand times that there’s more to life than all this worry.  What’s the point of cooking if you won’t let yourself really enjoy it??

Sorry for the little emotional reveal here, but I figure if I get it out there then I’m more likely to stand by my oath now to keep my pessimism in check and just continue a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle without regret and anxiety.  There it is folks!  Alya vows not to let it get the better of her!

And that is partially why I created Fusion Wraps (as dubbed by the illustrious G)! By combining Asian flair with Mediterranean pizazz, I wanted to create something fun and zesty, a celebration of the spice of life! Hahaa, what a cheeseball am I. Continue reading

V-Day Delights Part 2: Wrapping Up with Dinner

You can’t have a part 1 without its follow-up, so now that dessert and all its scintillating joy is out of the way, we can make our way through the dinner portion of Valentine’s Day evening.  Oy, just thinking about that dinner makes me hungry now; everything was immaculately executed for once—no hiccups, no over or under seasoning, just resplendent and fairly light dinner with an Asian flair.

Now, I have to give props to Guy Fieri (yeah that burly bleached blond chef who eats like an ogre on his Triple-D show).  Surprisingly (or not), he makes some really good food himself, and personally I enjoy watching him simply because he is not as pretentious as some of the Food network folks, and has good tips.  So When I saw a show all about wraps, I felt inspired to follow suit.

And so, I endeavored to make Asian Orange Turkey Lettuce Wraps, and Shrimp Rolls with a Pineapple Pickle Salsa (the pineapple recipe is all Guy’s).

I think the most amazing thing about the evening was that I was able to do accomplish all this at once in the span of two hours or so, along with the tiramis-who.

First up: Asian Orange Lettuce Wraps! Continue reading

Sweet & Spicy Chicken

I am currently writing this with a chopped thumb.  It was not my intention to offer my own appendages as dinner tonight but evidently that was my slippery hand’s secret plan. So I thought I would take a break from the kitchen and discuss life for a moment.

I miss writing.  It feels quite liberating to at least get this little bit out during the day, but it’s nothing compared to the creativity that burns inside, screaming to get out of the oven and be served to the world (I didn’t say I was good, just that I have the desire).  You would think that having moved and gained so much free time would grant me the ability to write everything out, but I think I fail at creating a routine.  As such, I just struggle to sit down and let my stories bubble forth.  It’s frustrating, because I have started on something quite special to me, but I haven’t been able to build on it for the last few weeks.  It also doesn’t help that we have a lot of paperwork to get through, and the home is still in starter-mode, meaning we have so much to get settled in, so my mind is all over the place, not allowing any of the daily stress to flow our for a moment and give me breathing room.

So it helps that I have a kitchen all to myself, and even if I have a somewhat particular palette to cater to (my husband has his peculiarities haha), for the most part I can whip up anything I like and let the creativity flow as far as our strained budget will allow.  I feel alive and challenged in there.

How ironic then that today I’m falling back on something I used to make all the time and is really just a fun breeze for me?  Where’s the creativity, Alya? Where’s your challenge??  Well, we all need a simple summer beach book sometimes in place of the modern masterpiece or literary classic that typically challenges our brain.  Just the same, I am angling for something warm and happy for me right now, especially as I have a sliced thumb and a pile of laundry needing to be put away.  So I’m whipping up a sweet and spicy stir fry chicken.  (Incidentally, the thumb suffered during a routine battle with an onion for some palak paneer I am trying out from recipe book.  Shall discuss that another time).

Continue reading