a High TECh Sandwich

Sandwiches.  I’m actually rendered speechless by how much I love them.  From super subs, to burgers, to fancy shmancy paninis—whatever your flavor, there is a variety out there for you.  And for the AG household here, one particular sandwich has made its presence an indelible mainstay for many months now.  My brother would appreciate this post (that is, if he read this blog, which I highly doubt) because this evolved from the simple but tasty lunch I would make for him on those days when I wasn’t demanding he get out off the sofa and be self-sufficient rather than rely on my mom or me to feed him.  I fear all my efforts have dissolved into dust now that I’ve moved away; no more voice of reason! No more irritating sister badgering him! It reminds me of how I would hide his video games when he was misbehaving in some manner; that also failed since my mom would always cave and make me return them (what happened to discipline, people?!).  Failed attempts everywhere, like trampled petals blown into the horizon.  I weep in their stead.

Ah but I digress!  Retreat back to the sandwich of the day!  That glorious creation we sometimes enjoy on the weekends or, if I am feeling particularly magnanimous in the mornings (no easy feat), I’ll make for the husband to take to work for lunch. The high TECh sandwich.  High because it leaves you on cloud nine, where your senses float along with the flavors of Turkey, Egg, and Cheese.  On a side note, the name is inspired by a similar sandwich and title my friend concocted in Miami.  I just revamped things a bit. Continue reading


Redemption Cheddar Biscuits

ALYAVILLE:  Things did not go as planned last Thanksgiving, and as a result I had a lot of redeeming to do.  At least when it came to my bread.  My friend Z had an early potluck thanksgiving dinner with her friends, and I volunteered to bring something in the bread/biscuit category, something I rarely ventured into but always enjoyed doing (I think my deep unadulterated love for bread has kept me from baking too much – I’d be a ginormous doughy ball of glee if that were the case).  Having found a recipe for slightly sweet honey biscuits, I thought, “Hells Yeah! This sounds delectable!” and thus the morning of, set out to create these glorious buns.

First Mistake right there.  Should have tried it out earlier.  When my first batch turned into strangely unleavened rocks, I thought I best try again, step by step, ever so slowly and meticulously.  Buuutt…. To no avail.  Same result.  Saddened and more than a little embarrassed, I arrived at my friend’s home with the strange concoctions and a few cans of Pillsbury crescent rolls.  The crescent rolls were a hit.

So this year, same event, same friends, same potluck, and I nearly ran from the challenge but decided I had to try again, just had to.  So I dared to do bread once more.  I did some searching on the ‘net, came across a few recipes and decided to do a few trial runs early on to make sure all was well.  And guess what??  All turned out supremely well.

I settled on Cheddar biscuits, which I altered slightly into honey-cheddar biscuits (my insatiable sweet tooth revealed this yummy combination to me).  Then I made it Honey-Wheat Cheese biscuits when I changed the flour ran out of cheddar and mixed in some mozzarella.  And this time, no crescent rolls in sight – they turned out light, soft, and just scrumptious to dip into some gravy or cranberry sauce and sink your teeth into.  There would be no feeding the dog with my biscuits this year (which I believe was the ultimate fate of the monstrosities from last year).  Redemption is Sweet!

Redemption is cheesy!

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