Cucumber Cheesewich


Oh good lord! I was  so antsy with hunger when I got home from work that I just whipped this up and decided to share it with you ASAP. A quick and easy sandwich when you need something QUICK! The brevity of this post directly correlates with the brevity in which it was conceived, created, and consumed. Absolutely nothing special here except I made it, ate it and wrote about it in less than 30 minutes. Nothing else to say.


  • 2 slices of bread (I used a cheddar garlic loaf I bought from a farmers market)
  • Chilled cucumber, sliced (8-10 should suffice)
  • Artichoke-garlic cream cheese
  • Black pepper

Toast up your bread of choice something proper, then slather both slicrd with the cheese. Ok don’t go overboard because your first layer will melt a bit. Layer the cucumber onto one slice, and crush black pepper over the cucumbers. Add an extra layer of cheese to the other slice of bread before completing the sandwich. Slice your sandwich in half and sink your teeth into the incredible crunch of fresh cucumber (also from the farmers market).

The warmth from the bread contrasts harmoniously with the cool cool cucumber. I don’t have any other words for this. The flavors are fresh and perfectly suited for one another and I could eat this all day…

Unfortunately I have a lot of clean up to do because my pops is visiting tomorrow for the weekend. Woo hoo! As such I might be delayed in posting for the next few days. Patience however is a virtue, and I do have some special treats to share with you if you’ll but wait.

Hmm. I think I have time for one more sandwich. I mean, the ingredients are inviting me to indulge. The husband isn’t home yet. He need not know, right?



Rosemary Pepper Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms Upon commencing my sojourn into the flourishing bazaar of greens, grains, and goods (hitherto known as a grocery to you folk, I may presume), my eyes befell a peculiar astounding specimen nestled amid leafy herbs and potent peppers. Neither small as a button nor rotund as a ‘bello. Nay, this lay in the abyss ‘tween two extremes, a perfectly sized cap for stuffing. And so it can bear no surprise to all and sundry that such a commodity would build its fame upon the title “Stuffing Mushroom”. Oh to resist would be a great treachery upon my taste buds indeed! And I hardly could turn away from the opportunities that glistened within the eyes reflected in the glass above (who pray tell mandated the arrangement of such mirrored artifacts atop the edible greens by the by?). Thus it came to pass that this simple cook packed along with her the promise of a delicacy only as yet experienced within the confines of fine eateries: the stuffed mushroom. Oh but what a miracle to discover the truth, eons held beneath the surface of my simpleton knowledge, that this fine treat is no more difficult than brewing a decadent mango cream chiffon cake! (Ahh this slip of my tongue portends the contents of a future post! Zounds!) Continue reading

Stuffed Roasted Anaheim Peppers


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Many a year ago I discovered something that would completely upend the way I looked at a pepper–the art of skinning it. You’d do well not to dwell on the exhilaration I glean from such an activity; certainly I’d only apply such tactics to veggies after all. I was first exposed to this while studying in Mexico (For a whole 5 months afterwards my Spanish skills were quite exceptional. Now, 5 years later, I’m like any other gringa. Que Oso!). During my month long stint that summer, I partook not only in strictly language classes, but also dance, music, and cooking.  I also make a super easy, super tasty and super unhealthy flan if you’re interested. And I was dubbed the most dangerous one on the dance floor. My moves are lethal! 😉

Experiences like that truly are invaluable; exposure to another culture fosters mental and personal development, and the chance to get your hands literally dirty in the process of submerging into it… well, nothing beats that in my book. So I learned the way of the pepper. The stuffed pepper. The charred and peeled stuffed pepper. The amazingly sweet, smoky, succulent pepper. Continue reading

East By Southwest: A Chicken Burger Experience

Ahh the incomprehensible has occurred—employment rates have skyrocketed in Alyaville, and I am actually working now. If you must know, I work just a short walk down from the husband, and I do mean that literally. I was recently offered a short term position in his department (the details of which are inconsequential; we need only know that while it is not an ideal position for the fruity artsy writer/food-experimenter with her head in the clouds that I am, nevertheless I am grateful for the position and thankfully surrounded by good folks).

I just started, so my initial fear was What will this do to my blog?!??! Trust me, G has heard soooo much about my fears and whininess on this part it’s a wonder he hasn’t tried to get me fired just to appease the foodie inside me. But we are managing, just finding a pace which enables us to get work done, relax a bit, and find time to cook most days. I think in a way this will challenge me as well, to concoct a more diverse array of dishes that aren’t always so time consuming and simply by using just about whatever the heck is in the pantry considering I won’t be running to the store at the drop of a hat.

On the other hand, when I do run to the store, I tend to stock up. This blog entry: case in point. I don’t usually have avocados and wheat buns all the time, but I had a vision a while back so I decided to load on them. Plus the avocados were supposed to be for a literEature post which I haven’t had an opportunity to do yet, so more will have to be bought now. Alas. 🙂

Anyway, this burger turned out to be absolutely scrumptious (despite forgetting salt in my chicken marinade!!! Who does that??!?). A bit high maintenance but cooking is also my way of finding peace and sanity, even when the kitchen is a chaotic whirlwind of fright. Besides, homemade guacamole is a million times better (especially with green chillies chopped in!) and roasted peppers become so sweet and melty, the perfect complement to asian fusion chicken… but enough talk, let’s cook! Continue reading

Festive Chicken and Paneer

I recently stumbled entirely by chance on a writing competition—a short story challenge—held by a creative writing organization called NYC Midnight.  A tiny spark of excitement flashed in my tired little brain but I let it runs its course because who am I kidding, right? I couldn’t possibly compete against practicing, aspiring, more well prepared and well-versed writers from across the globe (the competition is open to the world, to the universe even, I bet!).  I wrote it off, pun intended, as a nice dream seriously what’s the point of trying? Continue reading

a High TECh Sandwich

Sandwiches.  I’m actually rendered speechless by how much I love them.  From super subs, to burgers, to fancy shmancy paninis—whatever your flavor, there is a variety out there for you.  And for the AG household here, one particular sandwich has made its presence an indelible mainstay for many months now.  My brother would appreciate this post (that is, if he read this blog, which I highly doubt) because this evolved from the simple but tasty lunch I would make for him on those days when I wasn’t demanding he get out off the sofa and be self-sufficient rather than rely on my mom or me to feed him.  I fear all my efforts have dissolved into dust now that I’ve moved away; no more voice of reason! No more irritating sister badgering him! It reminds me of how I would hide his video games when he was misbehaving in some manner; that also failed since my mom would always cave and make me return them (what happened to discipline, people?!).  Failed attempts everywhere, like trampled petals blown into the horizon.  I weep in their stead.

Ah but I digress!  Retreat back to the sandwich of the day!  That glorious creation we sometimes enjoy on the weekends or, if I am feeling particularly magnanimous in the mornings (no easy feat), I’ll make for the husband to take to work for lunch. The high TECh sandwich.  High because it leaves you on cloud nine, where your senses float along with the flavors of Turkey, Egg, and Cheese.  On a side note, the name is inspired by a similar sandwich and title my friend concocted in Miami.  I just revamped things a bit. Continue reading

Lemon Garlic Rice with Paneer

I mentioned in the previous post that I partnered my spinach with some zesty rice, and oh-my-dear-goodness-gracious-have-mercy-on-us-all-and-then-some, was it zesty!  This was a bold attempt for me because rice has never been my strong suit, and only recently have I gained enough confidence in its creation to even consider messing around with it, especially without enlisting the guidance of a tried-and-true recipe of some sort.

But that was the point after all, to try something new and just my own, to see how I would fare.  That is how we learn, and trust me I learned a few things here.  First mistake: use basmati, not jasmine rice.  I admit I wasn’t actually paying attention to which canister I pulled out when I prepared my rice, and that made it way too sticky for my liking.  Chalk it up to a learning experience.  And a fun one too, because anytime we can engage our mind in a creative venture, no matter how simple or complex, that’s a winning point for us.

So here lies my first attempt at Lemon Garlic Rice with Paneer.  Haha… what was I thinking?? Continue reading