Malabar Shrimp Curry (and hello again!)

Malabar Shrimp This might be an exercise in futility but here I am trying to start a new run at the food blog o’ mine. I have another blog in the works sort of, but that’s still in development and won’t be food-focused, so it would sure be nice to keep this one going, especially since I feel my technique and flavor palate has grown. This is due in large part to some appetizing projects the husband and I are embarking on; I’ll be excited to share those projects with you once they are blossom to a stage that is worth revealing to the world (or the tiny web of the wide world that still looks at this measly blog). At any rate, I can’t seem to escape food—cooking, writing, or even researching it.

So let’s give it a go, shall we? Back to the blog! Continue reading


Aloo Palak

Writing has become a little difficult as of late because of a raging battle inside my head.  Not a mental struggle, or an emotional tug, or an intellectual challenge, although those run their course all the time as well.  No, I literally have been plagued with headache after headache after headache for a week or more now.  The consistency reached full momentum a few days ago, but it had been building up—and thus simple things like typing have become quite cumbersome and mind-numbing at its worst.  Nevertheless I sit here now to share a few thoughts and exploits, in a brave attempt to conquer the pain and oust it from its reign.

And with that battle momentarily won, I move on to another battle I fought full-fledged, and also emerged the victor.  My opponent: spinach.   I admit I haven’t had the most loving relationship with the leafy green; for some reason I am very particular about overpowering or rather completely evaporating the raw spinach flavor, but I always end up unsuccessful for some ridiculous reason or another.  But not this time!  Yes, I regale in even the smallest of victories, and minutest of accomplishments.  For most people, spinach, or Palak, is a straightforward dish–to those people, I stick out my tongue.  My relationship with palak just needed some extra attention and effort, that’s all. Continue reading

Chicken Biryani – Round 1

Recently G asked me jokingly (or so I hope) if I were cooking for my blog or for him.  Granted, this may have followed the recent Artemis Fowl-inspired dinner, but he’ll be the first to tell you that that dinner was actually among his recent favorites.  Nevertheless I felt that perhaps I should do something specifically for his taste buds.  I do generally like to cook daal (lentils), bhindi (okra), and other simple dishes we absolutely love—eventually I’ll share those, it ain’t nuthin fancy yo!!—but I figured I’d surprise him with something special.

Herein arises the problem.  His dream food is biryani – spicy, rich, greasy, fluffy, awesome biryani.  It also happens to be a dish I just cannot seem to conquer.  This is not the first time I’ve attempted the dish but for the sake of the blog, this is where the battle begins. Continue reading

Chicken Koftas (Meatballs)

This one goes out to my sister.  That’s really all I have to say.  I wanted to do something new for the husband, and I had ground chicken waiting to be used.  I could actually have made spring rolls (a favorite of many of my friends) but those take a bit too much time when I don’t usually have as much as I would like.  Plus that’s not dinner, just a side.  And I like to spend 1 to 2 hours leisurely in the kitchen (so I’m not spastic and cooking away feverishly)—it’s hugely therapeutic and relaxing for me—but I usually need to pick G up from work too so I have to take breaks in between cooking if I’m not done.

a bowl of splattered goodness!

So at any rate, something that I can conceivably put on hold if need be… and what I decided on were Chicken Kofta—Pakistani/indian chicken meatballs. Continue reading