Jalapeño Cilantro Hummus

I feel I’ve been a little unfair and mysterious about the reason behind my hiatus.  I did of course allude to an injury of sorts, but let me shed light on that before moving further—namely so you may refrain from being as stupid as I am.  Essentially I was trying to open the binding ties of a sealed box with a knife.  *Long pause* Yeah I don’t think I need to say much else, except I passed out at the sight of blood (yes I admit I am a pansy when it comes to blood, but Pottermore recently dubbed me a Gryffindor, so I’m brave too! Or just stubborn!  No matter!) and needed 8 stitches on my poor thumb.  In case you are wondering, it is still slightly numb (as if it never fully woke up) but after so many months it now has a 98% performance rating, the 2% comprising numbness and a slight inflexibility compared to my left thumb.  Such is life.  But kiddos, DO NOT USE SHARP SMALL PARING KNIVES TO OPEN BOXES.

So unfortunately this post lacks a photo right now because although I’ve been developing my skills at cooking with both good and not-so-good experiences, I had become waylaid concerning the use of the camera. For shame!  But isn’t it enough just to jot down recipes?? Trust me.  My laziness evidently knows no bounds, but I am relying on this blog to keep me steadfast in my goals. (I promise all my other posts will have photos, I just totally missed this one.)

So, tiny back story: We have the habit of trying to avoid the café at work – something about the sweat pouring off of the head chef while he sautés veggies and cooks up bacon on the same flat iron grill churns my stomach with relentless gremlin hands – so on occasion I’ll pull together some sandwiches for lunch.  This is hardly necessary while we’re fasting, but hummus is useful on its own too, obviously.  Continue reading


Bean and Pepper Stew

Suddenly I have things to do—not a job per se, but still many a task at hand.  Irritatingly the Apartment association has decided to revamp the entrance and breezeways of all the buildings, which is lovely and kind of them, but also results in a large accumulation of dust inside my door.  Guess who gets to clean that on a regular basis? Yay.  I’m also trying to actually complete a short story or two for a couple of contests and whatnot, but Oy my mind doesn’t cooperate and constantly wants to change everything as I write it, blocking me from actually moving forward. I’m also going to begin contributing on a volunteer basis at the moment for a peer’s education-oriented website. If that goes somewhere, it could become a proper paid gig.  Have to start working on that asap.

And then there’s my beloved blog—no matter what, I intend to keep this going as a testament to my love for food, writing, and the sheer desire to not let it dwindle like so many other pursuits.   But obviously when times get a little busy, certain things have to get simpler.  Dinner last night, for example.  A bean and pepper stew that looks thicker than it actually was. But really quite good with some bhindi (okra) and naan for the boy. Continue reading

Mexican Rice Made So Easy

Completely admit I have been glued to the news lately.  I am at once in awe and completely concerned for the Egyptian people as they relentlessly hold their protests and demand freedom.  Similarly proud and astounded by journalists around the world who risk their lives to transmit the truth to us.  This entire series of events, all of it, is mesmerizing and—I can only hope and pray—successful.

But at the cost of the emotional and mental hold this critical event has on me, I at times spend less time concentrating on anything else.  Food included.  So it is always a pleasure when a series of easy steps leads to a joyful dance for the tastebuds.  Case in point: my version of Mexican rice.

I won’t dare claim authenticity of flavor for this dish, but hey I liked it, the husband liked it and, complementing it with some lovely chicken and peppers fajita-style, it worked super well for us.  And it will for you too! Perhaps. One can only hope.  Continue reading

a High TECh Sandwich

Sandwiches.  I’m actually rendered speechless by how much I love them.  From super subs, to burgers, to fancy shmancy paninis—whatever your flavor, there is a variety out there for you.  And for the AG household here, one particular sandwich has made its presence an indelible mainstay for many months now.  My brother would appreciate this post (that is, if he read this blog, which I highly doubt) because this evolved from the simple but tasty lunch I would make for him on those days when I wasn’t demanding he get out off the sofa and be self-sufficient rather than rely on my mom or me to feed him.  I fear all my efforts have dissolved into dust now that I’ve moved away; no more voice of reason! No more irritating sister badgering him! It reminds me of how I would hide his video games when he was misbehaving in some manner; that also failed since my mom would always cave and make me return them (what happened to discipline, people?!).  Failed attempts everywhere, like trampled petals blown into the horizon.  I weep in their stead.

Ah but I digress!  Retreat back to the sandwich of the day!  That glorious creation we sometimes enjoy on the weekends or, if I am feeling particularly magnanimous in the mornings (no easy feat), I’ll make for the husband to take to work for lunch. The high TECh sandwich.  High because it leaves you on cloud nine, where your senses float along with the flavors of Turkey, Egg, and Cheese.  On a side note, the name is inspired by a similar sandwich and title my friend concocted in Miami.  I just revamped things a bit. Continue reading