Transition #1, or a Lesson in Checking the Weather Before You Move

Just wanted to give a brief update to the blogosphere on this hot and sultry night of which I am thankfully not a part as my sister-in-law puts her A/C to SUPERIOR use.  Why go the funky route of blue nail polish when you can turn your whole toesies icy instead?  I don’t have my main lappy set up yet (it needs to resurface from amidst the frantic packing that ensued this weekend) and upon that mighty machine resides the bulk of my photos, so instead how about some highlights of what passed this weekend?

As you may have read, we moved out of our apartment and into the husband’s sister’s home.  This is a temporary shift, for the next 6 weeks or so until other plans come to life (ie I figure out where we are living!!) but temporary or no, it still required completely wrapping up my homely comfortable life into too many boxes and not enough suitcases. And a few plastic bins. And trash bags. You get the idea.  The move itself was already a strain, but neither of us have been heeding the weather channel as of late, much to my most chagrinliest of chagrins. I can only say now how incredibly relieved I am that this sucker didn’t try to break through on that random lightning storm that bombarded the East Coast.

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Minor Hiatus

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to write up a backlog of many entries, so my posts are running on empty. I’ll definitely get to that this week, but new cooking excursions may be put on hiatus because yours truly did some minor damage to my right hand last night and am now sporting a bunch of stitches. I’ll have a better update soon (just typing away on the phone right now) and will keep you posted on any developments.

Thanks and stay smart in the kitchen folks!

The Dance

Something different for you, whipped up like a Rachael Ray 30 minute meal.  Note: only slightly based on real-life events. Slightly!!

How did it come to this?? She wondered to herself, peering through the quaint window between the dining area and the kitchen counter.  Sweat threatened to drip onto the countertop, but she unconsciously wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, resting it once more on the dining table beside her.  She refused to let her heart palpitations drown out the logic and rational thought that was straining to be heard.  But logic was up against a very formidable foe—a crippling foe that wrought anxiety, fear, and near paralysis of mind and body. Continue reading

Chicken Biryani – Round 1

Recently G asked me jokingly (or so I hope) if I were cooking for my blog or for him.  Granted, this may have followed the recent Artemis Fowl-inspired dinner, but he’ll be the first to tell you that that dinner was actually among his recent favorites.  Nevertheless I felt that perhaps I should do something specifically for his taste buds.  I do generally like to cook daal (lentils), bhindi (okra), and other simple dishes we absolutely love—eventually I’ll share those, it ain’t nuthin fancy yo!!—but I figured I’d surprise him with something special.

Herein arises the problem.  His dream food is biryani – spicy, rich, greasy, fluffy, awesome biryani.  It also happens to be a dish I just cannot seem to conquer.  This is not the first time I’ve attempted the dish but for the sake of the blog, this is where the battle begins. Continue reading

Visiting the family

Just an fyi that I will be updating this soon, but I am currently visiting the family in warmer California, and don’t have access to many of the photos I had downloaded onto my computer.  As such, the next post may be lacking in the visual department, but have no fear mighty readers! I will update them asap once I can get my grubby fingers on them…

And we’ll see, perhaps the family will put me to work in the kitchen as well, and I’ll have some culinary mishap to share here. 🙂  Wish the husband were here too, but it’s just a few days so we can manage.  Anyhoo, until very soon!



Update: The monumental feast that awaited us this past weekend, that dinner designed to delight all the senses which will revolutionize the very core of this blog and propel it into a new dimension hitherto un-channeled and un-traversed, that brilliant concoction which I waxed and waned poetic over, my intellectually savory idea which would serve as a cornerstone of two of my three great passions: literature and culinary endeavors  (if you cannot guess my greatest passion, I pity you and your untouchable heart), that which I waited all week to create and bring to the table and the internet and my three glorious readers….was put on hold by the wayward antics of G’s stomach this weekend.  Evidently a week spent eating unhealthily in St. Louis has detrimental effects on one’s tummy.

Mission to commence once the rumbling officially concludes.

Stay tuned.

D+ weekend: a rambler

This weekend, my sister in law related to us an article she read about how the majority of our society was severely lacking in vitamin P.  I’ll let you fumble in mystery over what that is for a moment, but I can definitely say I had an overabundance of it this weekend.

If weekends earned grades, I would without a moment’s hesitation give this past one a D. Continue reading