Mango Peach Cream Biscuits

Firstly firstly, Happy Father’s Day to all the caring, hardworking, relentlessly devoted, eccentric, and charmingly annoying dads out there. I’m fortunate enough that my dad is visiting us this weekend, so we’ll be treating him to something special and tasty. May you all have something special and tasty on your day too.
As for these scrumptious treats, as you know the department in which I work has suffered some losses in the past month. For the most part people lift their heads up and carry on–as is the only choice one has when affected by tragedy–but still the sadness lingers, especially on those closest to my coworker.  I thought it might be nice to bring a little treat in for them as a pick-me-up. It just so happens that I’m on a desperate spree to clear out everything in my kitchen to the best of my ability, so I figured now was high time to use the frozen peaches that lingered for too long cold and unwanted. Continue reading

Mango Cream Chiffon Cake

Mangoes. Mangoes are upon us. Mangoes from the local Pakistani/Indian grocery stores that come in big crates and demand your full attention with a single waft of their juicy aroma. It was actually quite difficult to use the mangoes for any kind of recipe that did not call for immediate slicing and consuming, because… well… that’s the best way to eat a mango. Juices dribbling down your chin in unadulterated, oblivious bliss. Anyone who says otherwise is either a snooty “proper” fool or just entirely unaware as to the joy of the mango.

Nevertheless, the husband did request the possibility of a tasty desert involving that heavenly fruit, and a chiffon cake came to mind immediately. Airy where the mango brings it to earth, light versus the richness of the mango, and a dynamite vehicle to carry that mango sweetness in its batter. Coupled with a cloud of whipped cream, this cake caresses the taste buds into comfort. In my mind, one of the best ways to enjoy a re-imagined mango… if you can’t just slurp on a mango.

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Welcome Back w/ Lemon Garlic Shrimp and Mango Towers!

He’s coming home today!  It’s amazing what a difference that makes – I felt more energy than I did all week (barring the jog I took Monday morning, but that must have been a fluke), getting all sorts of little things done.  Granted, the thank you cards are still sitting there taunting me… I mean, really, people must know we thank them for their wedding gifts yes?  Isn’t that understood, considering the aura of gratitude and happiness that emanated from us that day? No? doesn’t work that way?  Alas.  Almost nearly 20% done, I feel accomplished.

Nevertheless, I finally hit the kitchen properly today for the first time this week.

Looming over mango towers!

I started out with mango tower cupcakes, then lemon garlic shrimp pasta, urad dahl, and I have some chicken and palak on hand as well.  What can I say, the boy likes to eat.  Admittedly he actually doesn’t stuff himself the way other men do, and he definitely is much healthier, but nonetheless food truly inhabits his heart zestfully.

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