Chicken Biryani – Round 1

Recently G asked me jokingly (or so I hope) if I were cooking for my blog or for him.  Granted, this may have followed the recent Artemis Fowl-inspired dinner, but he’ll be the first to tell you that that dinner was actually among his recent favorites.  Nevertheless I felt that perhaps I should do something specifically for his taste buds.  I do generally like to cook daal (lentils), bhindi (okra), and other simple dishes we absolutely love—eventually I’ll share those, it ain’t nuthin fancy yo!!—but I figured I’d surprise him with something special.

Herein arises the problem.  His dream food is biryani – spicy, rich, greasy, fluffy, awesome biryani.  It also happens to be a dish I just cannot seem to conquer.  This is not the first time I’ve attempted the dish but for the sake of the blog, this is where the battle begins. Continue reading


Oh My Sweet (chick)Pea! What a Masala!

Home Sweet Home! The past week I spent in California with the folks, frolicking in warm weather. In fact, I actually extended my trip by two days in order to bypass the awful possibility of taking up residence in an airport due to winter storms and the like.  It worked out quite well, as G would truly have been unable to retrieve my beleaguered self from the airport had I been able to fly in Tuesday.  That said, a few more days with the family were nice and well spent (mainly in eating exorbitant loads of cookies, watching movies, and playing games) but I was extremely happy to be back.  And quite surprisingly (or not), I missed my kitchen (though not nearly as much as the husband, I swear!).  I realized I felt a little out of sorts in my mom’s domain—my creativity was slightly stilted and I simply just didn’t move around with as much ease as I do in my tiny box over here.  Nevertheless, I did whip up some honey-wheat pancakes—with bananas and blueberries—and fajita-style chicken and peppers, but I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t at my A game.

And thus, the return home marked a revival of spirits: utter contentment on my part to be with G again, my husband’s own spirit bouncing off the walls as well, and my desire to be spontaneous! Be free! Be wild and crazy in the kitchen!!

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D+ weekend: a rambler

This weekend, my sister in law related to us an article she read about how the majority of our society was severely lacking in vitamin P.  I’ll let you fumble in mystery over what that is for a moment, but I can definitely say I had an overabundance of it this weekend.

If weekends earned grades, I would without a moment’s hesitation give this past one a D. Continue reading

Fish Masala: the Fabulous Failure

I’m hitting up the public library today.  Yessiree it’s just about time to nurture the nerd in me (which is pretty much all of me) and start exploring literature again.  And I’m truly magnificently excited about exploring any place that houses stories of every kind — novels, poetry, nonfiction, texts, anything at all.  It encapsulates the heart and soul of our society, any places that holds art, expression, knowledge, and above all, truth.

Plus, I got some bookclubs to catch up on, so hopefully by the tonight I’ll have begun my foray into The Maltese Falcon. 🙂  It’s also rather necessary to delve into some new reads because that plays an important role in some new ideas I have for blogging.  But that will come in time.

I might also check out a cook book or two if possible, to give me a crash course in how to properly cook fish, because for some reason 4 times out of 5 it still remains too fishy.  I made that tilapia taco which turned out great, but even that I could get a faint faint fishiness. So I’m struggling with this clearly — any tips?

You can just smell the spices... hopefully just the spices.

A few nights ago I attempted to make a fish masala dish, mostly because I needed to finish my fish before doing more groceries.  The masala was absolutely tootly perfect!  I will do my darndest to try and recall every step, but it was magical.  The fish… enh, not so much.  But on to the ingredients!!



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