Roasted Pepper Omelet

The days fly by faster, harnessed to the backs of eagles, whipping through time and soaring out of sight between the briefest snap of my fingers. It breaks my heart to see the sun set faster and faster even when the days grow longer and longer. What illogical conundrum is this?? Perhaps that’s just the inevitable fate of working shared by all, especially when you feel the weight of a thousand challenges, goals, and passions swinging expectantly around you.

The point of all this? To wallow in the sadness of not exploring my culinary side due to many lacking ingredients – sometimes time, sometimes energy. I actually have been working on a challenging and sweet LiterEature lesson, but need a generous amount of time to execute it. I can probably deliver on that by next weekend. I also need to start thoughtful preparation for the coming weeks, when my friend and my family will be visiting us in the span of a week. There are looming expectations to feed them all heartily after all, not to mention making sure the basic amenities are in order. A guestroom bed, for example. Might be helpful, no??

So yes, a bit pressed for time, but time’s like this remind us the truth of finding supreme pleasure in the simplest things. And a day is worth nothing without a sumptuous start; thus I’m sharing with you a super friendly nudge to start your mornings off – my Roasted Pepper Omelet. Continue reading


The easiest chicken kabob EVER

Since I have started working, it would behoove me to concoct or search for recipes that are not as labor-inducing. Granted, if I have the inspiration and the inclination I will do whatever I want, though I have relegated myself to the truth that such magnificent enterprises will most likely take a hit and come around on the occasional weekend. But it’s okay. Now G has begun to cook more (he made the most delicious Pepper Chettinad Chicken the other day, and I can only hope he will write about it, because you all deserve to know what he has been up to) and I am learning to share my marked domain with him with more ease.

Because as much as I like to bother him that I do most of the cooking and he should take a bigger part in it, especially for someone who has such a flair for it, the truth is that cooking is not just a means of feeding our grumbly tummies for me. And recent discoveries have revealed that many of the authors I admire to the furthest reaches of my literary toes have also found peace, solace, inspiration, and fluidity of mind through cooking. Should I be worried that quite a few of these women also committed suicide? Well… perhaps I should be glad I’m not a genius published author like Virginia Woolf then.

Anyhoo, the kitchen has been my inner sanctum of control, but opening up more with my husband has blossomed into some really sensational new opportunities. For example, the first sampling of G’s Magical Masala Blends! He personally created his own spice blend, roasting cumin and coriander and some other stuff, in very specific quantities, to create this spice mixture that would knock Muhammad Ali out. It smells like a desert rose saturating the sunset air of a remote oasis. Tantalizing.

So I used it in these super quick kabobs. And we regaled in the glory of the perfect mini patty. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Dressings

Why haven’t I been eating more salad at home? I wondered this for a while as I deliberated one day about what I could eat that would leave me feeling fresh and robust without weighed down.  Naturally I would veer towards a salad or veggie medley of some kind, and yet I stared longingly at my refrigerator and whimpered at the blatant lack of greenery, as if peering into an icy industrial factory town without a rolling green hill in sight!

That was immediately rectified by the welcoming of some heads of lettuce, hearts of romaine, and little spinach babies—I became a veritable Dr. Frankenstein of the Salads.  No green leaf is safe from my conniving palette!

However, something was now missing… Ah yes, my monstrously verdant creations were lacking clothes! So with a bit of thought and adventure, I stitched up some dressings for my salads, so they wouldn’t feel the bare cold before they befell their fate within my tickled-pink tummy.  Most of the time a simple olive oil-lemon combo is all one needs, with a dash of salt and pepper, but let’s face it, that gets boring.  So here I’m just sharing two of my quick fixes for a light pizzazz for salad (as I write this I’m already planning something else for tonight, a zesty spicy tang, but that’s for another post). Continue reading

Superb Spinach Patties

Here’s something I did a little while ago but have decided I might share with you out of the kindness of my heart. We loved this recipe so much for its tastiness, versatility, and simplicity that I intend to use it over and over again.  I’ve already thought of a few new combinations and presentations for it actually.  This recipe came up because I was making shrimp and didn’t want to serve it alongside some basic starch—I try to make rice only once a week, and I lost a lot of weight curbing my bread intake so eating pastas or pita breads/rotis/naans all the time isn’t on my agenda either.  I don’t mind warming some up for the husband but even he wants to explore healthy alternatives occasionally.

So what about something that seems like a tostada, has a solidity that combines well with saucy shrimp, and utilizes the random ingredients in my fridge?  That sounded good to me, so I decided to dream up Spinach Patties. Continue reading

Mexican Rice Made So Easy

Completely admit I have been glued to the news lately.  I am at once in awe and completely concerned for the Egyptian people as they relentlessly hold their protests and demand freedom.  Similarly proud and astounded by journalists around the world who risk their lives to transmit the truth to us.  This entire series of events, all of it, is mesmerizing and—I can only hope and pray—successful.

But at the cost of the emotional and mental hold this critical event has on me, I at times spend less time concentrating on anything else.  Food included.  So it is always a pleasure when a series of easy steps leads to a joyful dance for the tastebuds.  Case in point: my version of Mexican rice.

I won’t dare claim authenticity of flavor for this dish, but hey I liked it, the husband liked it and, complementing it with some lovely chicken and peppers fajita-style, it worked super well for us.  And it will for you too! Perhaps. One can only hope.  Continue reading