Parmesan Crusted Chicken

A few weeks ago G ad I went bowling with his sister and her friend Ron. As the husband and I arrived at the lanes first, we took the liberty of posting everyone’s name on the board… In hindsight, I’m sure Beena will tell you not to let us arrive earlier than anyone who bowls with us again, else suffer the consequences <insert sinister chuckle here>. Oh it wasn’t that bad, we have silly minds more than anything else, but G did come up with a gem for Ron. Just the night before he had been raving about a particular dish we had made, so it seemed quite apt that when his turn came up, instead of “Ron” the board read “Parmesan Chicken”.

It’s too bad those boards are limited in space, because Ron really deserved to be titled Parmesan Crusted Chicken, considering the rapturous praises he virtually sang. All he really needed was a heavenly choir floating down from the beaming skies. Am I being over dramatic? Perhaps. But this chicken was ridiculously tasty and simple. Also slightly unhealthy because of the butter, but that can be substituted with olive oil, Smart Balance, or whatever else. Of course the husband is very adamant about his daily butter intake, a habit I am TRYING so desperately to curb. So we did this the first time with butter, but after that the husband need not know I’ve since made the necessary substitutions. But the best thing, we baked!

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Superb Spinach Patties

Here’s something I did a little while ago but have decided I might share with you out of the kindness of my heart. We loved this recipe so much for its tastiness, versatility, and simplicity that I intend to use it over and over again.  I’ve already thought of a few new combinations and presentations for it actually.  This recipe came up because I was making shrimp and didn’t want to serve it alongside some basic starch—I try to make rice only once a week, and I lost a lot of weight curbing my bread intake so eating pastas or pita breads/rotis/naans all the time isn’t on my agenda either.  I don’t mind warming some up for the husband but even he wants to explore healthy alternatives occasionally.

So what about something that seems like a tostada, has a solidity that combines well with saucy shrimp, and utilizes the random ingredients in my fridge?  That sounded good to me, so I decided to dream up Spinach Patties. Continue reading

Spicy Alfredo Fakeout

For the first time in what feels like a millennium, I feel inspired.  Amorphous words are trying to take shape within my skull, warming up to the thought of expression.  Ironic that they come full force on these most tranquil days, where scope of my eyes’ furthest reaches are suffused with white and nothing else.  I suppose the blank slate that is provided outside is enough to make anyone with the remotest sense of art or creativity want to paint, scribble, compose, or sing.  Honestly a part of me just wants to run around in every untouched field of snow and flounce about in its powder!  But I may be more productive and successful at attacking the blank pages that lie ahead of me instead.

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