Cucumber Cheesewich


Oh good lord! I was  so antsy with hunger when I got home from work that I just whipped this up and decided to share it with you ASAP. A quick and easy sandwich when you need something QUICK! The brevity of this post directly correlates with the brevity in which it was conceived, created, and consumed. Absolutely nothing special here except I made it, ate it and wrote about it in less than 30 minutes. Nothing else to say.


  • 2 slices of bread (I used a cheddar garlic loaf I bought from a farmers market)
  • Chilled cucumber, sliced (8-10 should suffice)
  • Artichoke-garlic cream cheese
  • Black pepper

Toast up your bread of choice something proper, then slather both slicrd with the cheese. Ok don’t go overboard because your first layer will melt a bit. Layer the cucumber onto one slice, and crush black pepper over the cucumbers. Add an extra layer of cheese to the other slice of bread before completing the sandwich. Slice your sandwich in half and sink your teeth into the incredible crunch of fresh cucumber (also from the farmers market).

The warmth from the bread contrasts harmoniously with the cool cool cucumber. I don’t have any other words for this. The flavors are fresh and perfectly suited for one another and I could eat this all day…

Unfortunately I have a lot of clean up to do because my pops is visiting tomorrow for the weekend. Woo hoo! As such I might be delayed in posting for the next few days. Patience however is a virtue, and I do have some special treats to share with you if you’ll but wait.

Hmm. I think I have time for one more sandwich. I mean, the ingredients are inviting me to indulge. The husband isn’t home yet. He need not know, right?



a High TECh Sandwich

Sandwiches.  I’m actually rendered speechless by how much I love them.  From super subs, to burgers, to fancy shmancy paninis—whatever your flavor, there is a variety out there for you.  And for the AG household here, one particular sandwich has made its presence an indelible mainstay for many months now.  My brother would appreciate this post (that is, if he read this blog, which I highly doubt) because this evolved from the simple but tasty lunch I would make for him on those days when I wasn’t demanding he get out off the sofa and be self-sufficient rather than rely on my mom or me to feed him.  I fear all my efforts have dissolved into dust now that I’ve moved away; no more voice of reason! No more irritating sister badgering him! It reminds me of how I would hide his video games when he was misbehaving in some manner; that also failed since my mom would always cave and make me return them (what happened to discipline, people?!).  Failed attempts everywhere, like trampled petals blown into the horizon.  I weep in their stead.

Ah but I digress!  Retreat back to the sandwich of the day!  That glorious creation we sometimes enjoy on the weekends or, if I am feeling particularly magnanimous in the mornings (no easy feat), I’ll make for the husband to take to work for lunch. The high TECh sandwich.  High because it leaves you on cloud nine, where your senses float along with the flavors of Turkey, Egg, and Cheese.  On a side note, the name is inspired by a similar sandwich and title my friend concocted in Miami.  I just revamped things a bit. Continue reading