Thai Basil Turkey Kabobs


Technology, she laughs at me.  In spite of the heavy week I have had, and the ridiculous struggle between  stomach bugs and long fasts, this tempestuous maiden of the modern world prefers to kick me where it hurts and completely erase an entire draft of this post, nearly finished but evidently not backed up.  Alas. I had this brilliant post marveling in the magnificence of human athleticism that is the Olympics, leading to the trials of fasting through Olympics, and if you can believe it I had some kind of delicate turn oh phrase that led quite seamlessly to these kabobs.
Humph.  You don’t get to read that now. But that’s okay, what does it compare to the mind-blowing skills of the amazing US women’s 4×200 m Medley.  Olympic records being broken left and right.  Wow!  I guess you could say my personal Olympic challenge would be in the realm of cooking–that is, trying to make the tastiest kabob out of the medley of ingredients found in my sister-in-law’s kitchen with nary a taste to guide me! (Not quite as seamless, but good enough) Continue reading


Thai Basil Eggplant

Guys! I’m stressed! I have been secretly munching on chocolate all week at work, thanks to the stash displayed on my coworker’s desk. It’s true magic how my hand can reach 3 desks away and come back with limitless sugar and consequential sugar crashes all under a cloak of invisibility. Oh, and the magic happens a lot more when barbaric tons of stress weigh down my mind. Should I feel special? Or just disgusted with my lack of self control?

The fact is we are moving. And BOY what an eventful move it is going to be, considering we don’t actually have a home lined up yet. Heck, not even a clue what area we should move to. Yup, we like to do things backwards out in these parts. In my experience that’s where adventure, excitement, and overwhelming bouts of anxiety can sneak up behind you and knock your knucklebrain around until the fuzzy yellow birdies come dancing gleefully in your vision. Fun for everyone!

In all seriousness, we are cutting out of the apartment a bit early and staying with my sister-in-law for a few weeks. I’m telling you this now because: a) I AM OVERWHELMED and it is likely to come out in my posts, and b) the posts themselves may become few and far between for a tiny portion of the great expanse of time that encompasses the universe’s existence (that’s my way of saying a few weeks isn’t that long, right?). Fortunately, Beena has a brightly-lit, cheerful and spacious kitchen, so hopefully I can settle in there comfortably enough.  I’m not keen on being out of my own space so grant me my adjustment period please. Continue reading

Flaky Coco-Curry Pasta

(Because Mr. G is really preoccupied as of late, I am taking the reins for the moment)

ALYAVILLE: I generally don’t follow rules.  Well, when it comes to sports and board games and the like, I am adamant about enforcing them.  Come to think of it, I find it a little strange how fervent I am about those rules (might even add more of them to make something more challenging!) when I am so free flowing in every other regard.  Curious.  Oddly placed competitive streak in me.  But that’s irrelevant.

As a “rule” ironically enough, I  kind of tweak to my heart’s content.  This is especially true in the kitchen, and why shouldn’t it be?  Why should we be relegated only to the constraints of a recipe’s directions?  Why shackle our heart’s (and tongue’s) creativity as such?  Oh rid me of this ball and chain!  I’d rather simmer to death in excess spices than stew in blandness and un-Alyaesque flavor, for example.

In case you didn’t get it, I personally like to experiment.  Not to say I live on the wild side, I just … tweak. I tweak a lot.  Especially if it saves me time and money from buying more groceries than I care to.  Ahh there’s the rub.  How to cook with whatcha got.  Well, I have this delectable red curry paste (Thai Kitchen) and I lo-o-o-ove thai food, but much of what I love consists of coconut milk.  I hardly ever have that on hand, because a) no coconuts of my own to harvest, and b) really? Who is going to remember to buy that on a general run to the store?.

What I do have though (or my mom, I should say, ‘tis her kitchen after all) are coconut flakes.  Ohh interesting.  What do we make of this?  Well what follows is the Alyaville Flaky Coco-Curry Pasta.

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