Cashew-Crusted Tilapia with Lemon-Garlic Onions

Firstly, I’ll be reducing my post frequency to Mon/Thurs now (had been MWF). Truth is I don’t have as much time to be experimental AND write it all up in time, what with working now, so I need to be realistic. But no matter, this will give me breathing room to create, create, create! LiterEature posts will be the occasional special Sunday Edition too. I felt they deserve that superb honor. You may disagree. I may not care. J

Anyhoo, sometime last week I did have surprisingly ample amount of time to embark on a new, untouched, non-researched (to my detriment) endeavor with fish. My eyes stumbled upon a helpful pointer that could possibly aid me in my fight against my husband’s nose. Some of you may know that he has the nose of a bloodhound and can detect the essence of fish from 3 miles, 400 feet, 2 inches away. So I have to be damned perfectly sure that I prepared the fish perfectly so it retains NOTHING that could disappoint both him and myself Sweet boy that he is, he’ll still eat it, but enjoyment will suffer monumentally.

So imagine my delight upon reading that soaking fish in vinegar for 10-15 minutes takes care of that scent. It seems reasonable enough, and totally worth the shot, but as all I had on me was Rice Vinegar, I hoped that distinct flavor didn’t end up tingeing the fish with an aftertaste equally as sharp. Nevertheless I dared, and took it a step further decided to try something I always wanted to do—make a nut coating. I know, random. But mmm I remember the macadamia nut crusted chicken at my wedding, and it just had the perfect crunch to it, so why couldn’t I try something similar. But fish? Oy boy. And Cashews? Well, only time would tell how this would come out. And one disaster after another confirmed it: vinegar, fish, and nuts DO mix. This was the best fish I have ever made to date. Oh to have such disasters as this in the kitchen all the time… Continue reading


Fish Masala: the Fabulous Failure

I’m hitting up the public library today.  Yessiree it’s just about time to nurture the nerd in me (which is pretty much all of me) and start exploring literature again.  And I’m truly magnificently excited about exploring any place that houses stories of every kind — novels, poetry, nonfiction, texts, anything at all.  It encapsulates the heart and soul of our society, any places that holds art, expression, knowledge, and above all, truth.

Plus, I got some bookclubs to catch up on, so hopefully by the tonight I’ll have begun my foray into The Maltese Falcon. 🙂  It’s also rather necessary to delve into some new reads because that plays an important role in some new ideas I have for blogging.  But that will come in time.

I might also check out a cook book or two if possible, to give me a crash course in how to properly cook fish, because for some reason 4 times out of 5 it still remains too fishy.  I made that tilapia taco which turned out great, but even that I could get a faint faint fishiness. So I’m struggling with this clearly — any tips?

You can just smell the spices... hopefully just the spices.

A few nights ago I attempted to make a fish masala dish, mostly because I needed to finish my fish before doing more groceries.  The masala was absolutely tootly perfect!  I will do my darndest to try and recall every step, but it was magical.  The fish… enh, not so much.  But on to the ingredients!!



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